Reelhipster is a list of films, tv shows, and sometimes music that two brothers share with each other when they’ve seen something that they want to say to the other, “hey, have you seen this?” That is basically it. They used to tell each other by phone, then email, then texts…but now they just list them on a website.

Both brothers have watched a lot of stuff, so they most likely are not gonna be posting, “Hey, have you seen Groundhog’s Day?” Even though as everyone knows Groundhogs Day starring Bill Murray is a great film, so is Rushmore. But folks that like film probably have already seen Groundhogs Day and Rushmore.

This isn’t a review site. They simply post the box cover and a link to the trailer. If it is on the list then at least one of the brothers thought it was worthy of posting, so it is reelhipster.