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A ‘coming of age’ film about two (tough) young boys who discover a man on an island between the Gulf of Mexico and the mouth of a river.  They discover that he is hiding from the law (and the mob-like family of the man he killed).  This fugitive is charismatic and in need of the boys assistance repairing a boat to help him and his girlfriend – stuck in a motel near town – escape. He tells the boys he killed the man to protect his girlfriend who he loves.

The boys live with their families on houseboats in the back waters. Their families are poor and hardworking. They try and instill good morals in their boys and are disappointed when they find that they have been stealing items including a boat motor from their neighbors – unaware that the boys are helping this fugitive.

When the boys realize that the girlfriend doesn’t want to ‘escape’ with the fugitive, one of the boys questions why he is steeling for him. He confronts the fugitive and feeling betrayed one of the boys does something that makes the fugitive himself question his own actions and what ‘doing something for love‘ really means.


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